Merger & Acquisition

We advise our clients on complex operations, acquisition or joint ventures.

We offer our assistance at all the usual stages of M&A transactions, including definition of the strategy, drafting of any letter or kind of agreement, structuring due diligence and data room, fulfillment of company and regulatory requirements.

Our services can be offered in many type of corporate transactions, including for instance:
• Mergers, demergers, capital increases and contributions
• Acquisitions and disposals of equity shares
• Sale of business units/lines
• Shareholders' agreements or investment agreements
• Joint-venture
• Set up of commercial network
• Set up of business network between foreign companies and local entrepreneurs.

Data Protection

Thanks to the huge experience on "privacy" and "new technologies” practice areas, we offer qualified advice and assistance in field “data protection”, as regulated at European level by the new GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation (Reg EU 2016/679).
"Data" is an assest to be protected and their use must be correct and lawful; the new European Regulation (in force since 2018) offers to any data controller the opportunity to rethink the adequacy of the measures taken for these purposes.

Under a multidisciplinary approach, we assist clients in a wide range of activities, including:
• Risk assessment for the identification and evaluation of data security risks and civil rights
• "Privacy Impact Assessment" for impact assessment of processing of personal data
• Analysis and evaluation for the compliance with the principles of "Privacy By Design" and "Privacy By Default"
• Implementation of corrective measures on data protection and privacy
• Assuming the DPO (Data Protection Officer)
• Assistance in data breach and training of employees in charge
• Assistance with the relationship with the Authorities.

IP e nuove tecnologie

Lo Studio, grazie all’esperienza maturata nel campo delle “nuove tecnologie”, offre una qualificata consulenza ed assistenza in materia di Intellectual property con particolare riferimento al diritto di autore, agli strumenti di disciplina contrattuale delle eventuali licenze, alla promozione del movimento “open access”.

Lo Studio, con approccio multidisciplinare, accompagna il cliente in varie attività, tra cui:
• comprensione dell’oggetto dell’opera tutelata
• valutazione delle risk assessment per l’individuazione e la valutazione dei rischi sulla sicurezza dei dati e le libertà indivi-duali
• “Privacy Impact Assessment” per la valutazione d’impatto dei trattamenti effettuati sulla protezione dei dati
• analisi e valutazione per la realizzazione in concreto dei princìpi “Privacy By Design” e “Privacy By Default”
• implementazione di misure correttive in materia di protezione dati e privacy
• assunzione dell’incarico di DPO (Data Protection Officer)
• assistenza nella eventuale fase di data breach e formazione preventiva degli incaricati
• assistenza nella relazione con autorità Garante.

Individual and Family law

We provide legal protection about family disputes:
• Relations between spouses (pre-marital contracts, separation, divorce)
• Adoption of adoption practices
• Assistance in school disputes
• Protect in hereditary procedures.

We provides assistance and legal protection in the big and small choices of life:
• House purchase
• Will and testament
• Accidents
• White-collar crime.

Real Estate

Managing your small or large real estate portfolio now involves a number of constraints on which the Studio assists its customers, offering them the opportunity to evaluate at best the best solutions and possible alternatives for assets whose management has become particularly costly uneconomic.

Legal Compliance

We provide our clients with our expertise in compliance programs and criminal liability of directors and managers.
Advice and assistance cover health and safety (Leg. Decree n. 81/2008), Hygiene and Safety for Food products (Haccp and EU hygiene regulation), environment and waste.
Regulatory compliance sometimes looks like a burden on business, but at the same time it is an opportunity to rethink in a better way organization, management and control system in order to protect rights of such crucial and constitutional importance just like human health or respect for the environment.

We assist clients, with a multidisciplinary approach, if necessary, in a wide range of activities, including:
• Risk assessment for identifying and evaluating specific risks
• Evaluation of the organizational, management and control measures appropriate to achieve full regulatory compliance
• Analysis and evaluation of the organizational and management arrangements for the distribution of the guarantee roles
• Definition and drafting of an appropriate system of “power of attorney” and “Delegation of authority”
• Definition of protocols (code of conduct and management procedures) suitable for ensuring an effective system of prevention and protection
• Assessment of the reasonableness of the control system
• Representation in administrative and civil litigation, assistance and defense in trials in front of criminal courts.

Agency and Distribution Contracts

Studio professionals have gained a particular competence in managing agent networks, in drafting contractual clauses, in disaggregating the report, and in negotiating the calculation of any allowances.

The firm is able to assist companies in assessing the risks involved in choosing foreign agents (EU and non-EU) through their network of collaborations with law firms and foreign consultants, providing assistance in relation to the various countries in which they operate (USA, Latin America, Japan, Africa, Arab Countries, India, Former USSR, China).

The Studio allows comparison of different sales strategies: concession contracts, franchising, agency, reporting for each country the most appropriate solution to customer needs and organizational peculiarities.

Leg. Decree n° 231/01

Building on compliance programs experience (since 2002), we are able to offer an outstanding professional service to any company who wants to deal with the corporate criminal liability prevention.

According to the italian law requirements, the board of directors have to set up an internal prevention system (also known as Model “MOG 231”) and appoint a monitoring body (named after “OdV 231”) in order to rule out corporate liability in case of crime on his behalf. Sometimes this kind of duties look like a burden to business, but at the same time they are an opportunity to rethink in a better way the organization and management of the production cycle, the decision-making process, the power - of - attorney and delegation - of - authority scheme, not to mention the dissemination of a collaborative culture for the prevention of crime within the company.

Professionals, with a multidisciplinary approach, are able to advice and assist the client in a wide range of activities, including:
• Risk assessment of predicate offences associated to 231
• Gap analysis for identifying critical points within the organization, management and control system
• Definition of protocols on decision making and financial resource management in sensitive areas
• Identification and regulation of the activity of the OdV 231
• Regulation of internal information flows
• Planning and execution of audit’s control about 231 precedures’ respect
• Staff training and performance evaluation by ethic criteria.


Our Studio offers trademark advice and assistance, both in the creation and constitution stage, as well as in the filing and registration requirements.
The study also deals with the protection of the trademark in case of illegal use by third parties both in the out-of-court and in front of the judicial and administrative authorities. The study offers its customers support for dealing with antitrust issues, selective distribution networks, parallel markets, unfair competition, trademark protection and imports from non-EU countries.

Africa and new opportunities

The Studio represents the Italian reference of the GPA Network Law Firm in Lisbon, with four headquarters in various African-speaking countries in Portugal, the c.d. CPLP: Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Sao Tome and Principe.
We provide support to Italian companies who are present or intend to assess penetration hypotheses in emerging markets, accompanying them in risk assessments and investment potential, bureaucratic bureaucracy and on-site assistance.

Business Agreements

We can advice and assist companies, entrepreneurs and business men, thanks to our knowledge of the complex business dynamics and the experience gained in negotiations, for a wide range of business contracts (agency, tender, leasing, software license, merchandising, factoring, cash-pooling, commercial distribution, franchising, re-sourcing, etc).

Contracts, if well-formed, guarantee the parties their needs are met, the development of their business, serenity on regulatory requirements are fulfilled, clarity on the obligations assumed, liability awareness, effective protection in the event of default of counterparties.

Professionals, always inspired by team-working approach, are able to advice and assit clients in a wide range of activities, including:
• Understanding the assumptions and interests/needs has to be met
• Research and survey on the profile of potential counterparts
• Definition of the negotiating strategy
• Assessment of legal risks
• Conducting negotiation and developing appropriate “win-win” solutions
• Writing drafts of agreements
• Representation and protection in litigation.

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